Organic Sustainability Is Vital To Our Lives And Our Future Survival

Garden Dreams

“We do not inherit the Earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children.”

 My definition of organic sustainable gardening is based on ethical stewardship of the land. That means I have a responsibility to plan and manage all of our resources, be they my own plot of land, my time and my responsibilities.

What is our purpose on this earth? Each one of us has our talents, skills and desires. The use we put them to is our gift to each other and to the earth.

Organic Sustainable Gardening

Our family, my husbands’ and my parents were alive during the Great Depression and their stories and memories have taught us to be prepared for both good times and crisis. I grew up helping in our garden, preparing foods for canning or freezing and learning valuable skills from my parents.

The Great Depression, For Most People, Was NOT Just A Bad Day Or Month, But An All Encompassing Struggle.

 InAmericaduring the 1930s over 46% of the population was involved in agriculture and STILL over 150,000 people starved or died.  Because of No Food, No Jobs, Unaffordable Healthcare, Weather Catastrophes, Little or No Resources For Travel the depression drug on for years.

For the most part people helped each other as they could and the Government tried with work programs and buying the starving cattle from farmers. Drought and wind storms scoured the land, chickens scratched in the dust for  sustenance and stopped laying eggs and the stockmarket was only slowly going upward.


Everyone, all ages worked gardens in order to EAT!


 The poor were in bad shape immediately, but as time drug on even well to do people began to have trouble making house payments and feeding family.  Families had to give up their homes, sell what they could and move back in with Parents and Grandparents.




People were rich if they had an animal to pull a hand plow

Why Organic Sustainable Gardening?

At present in America less than 2% of the population is involved with agriculture; The majority of our food supplies are shipped from far distances. That food was most likely produced from depleated soils with pesticides and inorganic fertilizers.

Make It Your GOAL To Keep Lady Beetles Happy!

Chemical fertilizers destroy your soils’ ability to grow food, kill all the soil microbes, and add unwanted nitrates or salts to the soil. There are chemical residues to the food you eat and will be for some time to come.

Organic sustainable gardening is growing without chemical fertilizers, naturally building the soil to support healthy plant life. Chemical fertilizers and additives will, over time, damage the soil’s ability to provide what plants need to resist disease, insect attacks, and stress. Soil depletion of organic nutrients and soil microbes are the main causes of unhealthy plants, plant diseases and plants with less than optimum vitamins and nutrients.


Do you check the tempertaure before you step out in the morning? Look out the window to see if it’s raining or sunny? That is just common sense. So, I am not spreading fear, but I am suggesting it would be prudent for all of us to improve our health with good vitamin and mineral rich food. Canning, freezing, drying or smoking any excess food to make us more prepared for any crisis, such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, financial or political upheaval is not only logical but also a money saving option.

Organic Sustainability is linked to the concept of improvements in the most important things, like tasty healthy food, safe shelter, good soil, traditional skills, pure water, some food stores and protecting bio diversity.

Today, I will weigh my behavior carefully. Responsible behavior builds gladness of heart.

Organic Sustainable Gardening starts with a plan for building sustainable soil: Renewable Soil. Using your own compost and at least some organic seed to grow your crops, You Will Have Created A Sustainable Plan For Growing Your Own Food, improving your part of the world and insuring survival  into the future for the earth and our families. We can have a great time working together too!


In the coming weeks and months we will be sharing lots of information, progress reports,  interesting sites, good ideas and some cautions we have learned through our own experience. Not all Great Ideas work so well in application as they do on paper. LOL

Not Much Space...Garden Right Up To The House!!!

Companions - Flowers n Veggies

Time To Plant

Start with one step, decide to begin your organic garden. No Space, Ok start with pots, or even bags of organic garden soil with X shaped holes cut in for the plants.

There are many of us to help and encourage you.

Pots can provide beautiful crunchy carrots!